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Fred and Millie ❤️ The Dynamic Duo


We had the honour to welcome into our studio Seargant Fred and his guiding light and bestie Millie The Labrador (standing ovations!:) Words simply cannot express the chemistry between those two; you really have to see it!


Fred and Millie were accompanied by their best friends Holly and Jason, who told us more about their habits and mischievous ways:


Fred loves to make people happy, whether that means cuddling up by the fire or dressing up for the camera - he will do it all. His long droopy ears, wrinkly face and great sense of smell means he also loves to track and go on trail hunts. When he is not performing for his fans or out on a mission, it won't take you long to find Fred, he has the loudest snore and the loudest howl in all the land.



Millie is a loveable labrador who wants to please people. At 9 years old, she is still super agile and will do anything for a treat. Millie loves to go on long runs in the countryside as her desire for food is just too strong and can tempt her into a whole variety of situations. One year she stole a whole Christmas cake while she thought no one was looking!



Fred is huge on TikTok & Instagram, if you haven’t seen him yet (are you for REAL, YOU DID NOT JUST SAY DAT!!!) go follow him @sergeant_fred_ 


And that's a direct order!:)


JUNO - the Husky Goddess!

Juno was introduced to us by her humom and best friend Jeena. A loving husky girl named after the Roman goddess of protection and fertility & Queen of the gods named “Regina” (which is also her mom’s name), she quickly won us over!


Treat catching began in no time & she

waaaas Q U I C K!!!:)


Along the way, Jeena told us Juno’s story, which is fascinating and scary at the same time:


“Juno was found by her dad on a Facebook pet shelter page in South Korea that posted urgent adoption needed. She was due to be euthanized any day since she way overstayed her time. She lived in a small cage in the pound for over 8 months and wasn’t getting adopted. The staff tucked her away since she was so sweet and quiet but her time was up. We went the next day and as soon as we saw her, knew she was going to be our daughter. 


We got lucky!



She’s not the most affectionate dog from her husky-like independent characteristics but LOVES food and playing with balls and toys that are not hers. Juno is a pet therapy doggo and loves helping others. However, she does not like swimming and smiling for the camera but every so often we get lucky with a big bright one”


Juno is in fact a comedian trapped in a dog's body, who goes by the alias @unimpressedhusky (Not a follower yet? Come on, what is this world coming to!) and is also a world-class treat catcher!

Poppy ♥️ the ever-changing Mini Australian Labradoodle


Poppy came to our studio with her family, David and Deborah and we all had so much fun!:) The session lasted a while, so she needed a break during which David told us some fun facts about her:


‘Sweet’ is the word most people instinctively use to describe her. She lives up to her breed, which are also known as Australian Service Dogs: she’s a newly-accredited Pets As Therapy dog and goes into a primary school once a week to be read to by children, building their confidence.


 🐾 What is you waiting for?!? GO, GO, GO follow her on Instagram @poppythepuppyldn 🐾


Very far back in time (about 2 years ago) when Poppy came to this world somewhere in Lincolnshire, her fur was chocolate brown. Then she started growing and growing and growing and became the lovely honey colour she has now which also changes slightly from day to day, and no one can be certain when (or if) she will stop changing. If you think about it, it’s a good thing – she can have a make-over photoshoot every couple of months!:)


She never demands a walk (in fact usually needs encouragement when her lead is put on) and doesn’t understand the point of ball chasing - she’s far too sociable for that and would much rather be playing with other dogs. She lets them do the running around and ambushes them as they come past: she’s a superstar wrestler.


Poppy’s not a fan of swimming, though very tolerant of being washed.


Angelic during the day, in the evenings she barks like crazy at foxes (real or imaginary) and other ‘heard but not seen’ things outside.


She understands what ‘quiet’ means, just can’t always control her emotions:)

MECHO, The Gentle Bulgarian Giant

Mecho was accompanied into our studio by his best friends Stanislava and Mario. We were expecting a large dog, but come on...! His paws were bigger than Stoyo's hands and as it turned out, they were made for huggin' !:) It didn't take long to get Mecho's attention and we started shooting in no time. When the time for a break came, Stanislava and Mario told us his story which we are publishing unabridged:


“Mecho was just a few months old when he was abandoned near a ski resort in Bulgaria. He’s such a gentle giant and quickly won the locals over, they ensured that he was always fed and decided to name him Mecho (meaning “bear” in Bulgarian) due to his resemblance to a bear.



  🐾 Follow Mecho's adventures on his Instagram profile @mecho.the.bear 🐾


Mecho decided to introduce himself to us on the first morning of our ski holiday. He ran over to us while we were getting breakfast, and of course we fed him, and then we played catch with snowballs. We spent the next following days cutting our time on the slopes shorter and shorter so we could spend more time with him. It wasn’t long before we decided that we can’t leave him behind and took him to a local vet for a health check and to prepare his passport and vaccinations for travel to the UK. 



 When he arrived he settled in immediately, and we absolutely love having him, he’s such a little character, incredibly smart and brings so much joy into our lives!"


It was the best decision ever!