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Birthday Present Photo Session


Meet Stanley, The London Whippet


This handsome boy was led to our studio by Meg and we helped them create the most precious of all presents - a secret birthday photo session for Stanley's dad!





And YES, he was the goodest boy!:)



Have you checked Paws On Set already?


If you ever find yourself in need of having your dog trained to more than 'Sit' and 'Stay' you better call Annabel & Bijou from Paws On Set - your best bet to get the job DONE!


Check them out on Instagram @paws_on_set_with_anni and of course their website






Witnessing The Magic Stare



You Don’t Know What We Did Last Summer! So Here’s the Full Report 😂


In July 2020 we had the privilege to host Sharo Fest - a Bulgarian charity dog awareness event. We were overwhelmed by the positive response received from everyone involved and the way the whole festival rolled out! We made friends and portraits with 27 dogs over the course of 2 days, gathered enough donations to secure the food of a local dog rescue for a month and connected with hundreds of genuine human beings! On top of this, one of the regional TV channels made a 13 minute report for the festival, which was broadcasted every day for a month, making sure all potential sponsors hear about us and now the acorn has grown into a tree – Sharo Fest 2021 will be a nation-wide treat catching event, raising awareness and funds for abandoned and mistreated dogs (which is a HUGE topic in Bulgaria – for this we will soon have a separate post on our website, as it is not something that can be explained in brief).


And this is how it all happened:

#maskup, board a plane, then

call up the gang and start designing the poster!


Our Special THANKS goes to:


Stanislava & Mario for agreeing Mecho 🇧🇬 the Gentle Bulgarian Giant to become the face of our cause

 Sean & Netty for giving us their consent to feature Barrie on the main poster

Maica for agreeing to have one of her handsome triplets Pablo, shine for us

and last but not least: Lora and Vulric for supporting us all the way! 


Our friends at FANATIC.BG took care of the large format vinyl printing & all merchandise for which we're forever grateful:

... and the stickers and charity merchandise followed:

Once some 200 posters, 2000 stickers and 50 t-shirts were made...

... it was time to get started with setting up the venue:

In a galaxy far, far away... Someone had to setup the lights!

Once we had that in place, it was show time!

And out of the blue, we were on TV!

... after which 2 days of sheer havoc followed!!!

The exterior of the venue was set as a mini exhibition:

...and YES, we were proud of it!😁

Our life-long friend and veterinary doctor of the festival Dr. Yadkov:

Dad Philip was the main force behind the charity merchandise:


It was FANTASTIC and we can’t wait to do it again!

16 hour photoshoot in 2 days 🎬
913 successful shots 📸
100GB video footage 🎥
27 four pawed friends 🐶
Hundreds of genuine hoomans

96 bottles of water 💦
Tons of treats 🍪🧀
Pizza, lots of pizza 🍕... and ice cream🍦🤣

And one promise: There will be SHARO FEST 2021! 🐶📸🍪🇧🇬




... and 2 weeks later guess who paid us a visit? None other but @mecho.the.bear himself!

On his way from London to L.A. - like the STAR he really is!



(this time for real)

London Street Dog Photography


Haven't you heard?!


We have re-invented the walking, and now offer our world renowned London Landmark Tour!


It is quite self-explanatory, really... A cool dog (like Spooky, portrayed below) plus a skilled photographer like Stoyo equal an epic London landmark photo. A stress free photo session, which won't break the bank:)




Do you want to give it a try?:)



Zeus, The Vietnamese Office Administrator

In case you haven't been paying attention – Zeus came to see us!


He is a 4-year-old Alaskan Malamute rescued from Vietnam. Zeus came to our studio with his fellow hoomans Christina and Anthony and between the catches, the naps and play around the studio they told us his story:


"When I found him he was a tiny little pup (vet guesses he was around 6 weeks old). He came home with me because I couldn't leave him there and I knew he deserved a better life. He followed me back to England where he became a full-time office dog (he comes to work with me every day) and a part-time therapy dog.


We volunteer for a local old person home so he can spread some joy. He's a big boy but is secretly a gentle giant and is scared of small dogs, plastic bags blowing in the wind, anything unfamiliar to him. :)”


Zeus defended his reputation of a master treat catcher, hands down!


Don't forget to follow Zeus on his adventures in a country just out of lockdown! He is watching you @london_malamute :)