Roy, the Galgo Español with a Sense of Humour


Oh, ROOOYYYYY… this boy is special!:)


He is a Galgo Español (Spanish Greyhound) who was adopted from Andalucía in the South of Spain and moved to England when he was just 4 months old.


His interests include running really fast, sleeping on his pouffe and being naughty. Loves chasing squirrels, bird and anything that moves quicker than him:)



He came to our studio with his family and played some tricks on us which we’ll never forget!:) Once he figured out that the strobe is his arch enemy, he divided the studio into two zones – the land of perpetual sorrow where the evil flash rules and the acrobatic arena, also known as the lounge where he was showing his lovely personality. While switching between the two, he was throwing glimpses and smirks to show us his cheeky sense of humour.