MECHO, The Gentle Bulgarian Giant

Mecho was accompanied into our studio by his best friends Stanislava and Mario. We were expecting a large dog, but come on...! His paws were bigger than Stoyo's hands and as it turned out, they were made for huggin' !:) It didn't take long to get Mecho's attention and we started shooting in no time. When the time for a break came, Stanislava and Mario told us his story which we are publishing unabridged:


“Mecho was just a few months old when he was abandoned near a ski resort in Bulgaria. He’s such a gentle giant and quickly won the locals over, they ensured that he was always fed and decided to name him Mecho (meaning “bear” in Bulgarian) due to his resemblance to a bear.



  🐾 Follow Mecho's adventures on his Instagram profile @mecho.the.bear 🐾


Mecho decided to introduce himself to us on the first morning of our ski holiday. He ran over to us while we were getting breakfast, and of course we fed him, and then we played catch with snowballs. We spent the next following days cutting our time on the slopes shorter and shorter so we could spend more time with him. It wasn’t long before we decided that we can’t leave him behind and took him to a local vet for a health check and to prepare his passport and vaccinations for travel to the UK. 



 When he arrived he settled in immediately, and we absolutely love having him, he’s such a little character, incredibly smart and brings so much joy into our lives!"


It was the best decision ever!