Lucky, the Duck Tolling Retriever Who Hates Water


Lucky was led in our studio by his best friend, personal trainer and commander in chief Adam. We all had lots of fun, especially this guy who ate his whole weekend allowance in about 30 minutes. One bite at a time...:)



He is an extraordinary dog that can be best described in Adam’s own words:

“Lucky was born in June 2018. He is a Duck Tolling Retriever who is supposed to like water but is terrified of it. He likes chasing squirrels, eating carrots, and can do lots of tricks… he’s a very clever dog – he speaks English and French, he can sit, walk backwards, jump and do lots of things – as long as there is food involved.”



After the official part of the photo shoot was over, we rehearsed some magic tricks. And yes, miraculously Lucky had the most energy of us all!:)