MORE MODELS WANTED! Sunday 16th February, 1-7pm @ Hassop Road, NW2 6RX

If you ask us to describe last Sunday’s experience in two words they would be:



Thank you so much for coming over, we had great fun and made some really cool shots!

If you don’t believe us, just ask Zack (pictured below) who ate so much treats that he had to go ‘for a walk’ three times until we finished our next session with his best friend and secret lover Cleo The Saluki:)




Anywho, the past is the past and we’re now looking forward to seeing you guys next Sunday 16th February 2020 for the LAST FREE ROUND of project SNACK SHOT. If you want your dog to become a part of this exciting event (and free high-res photos for you to keep for ever and ever until the end of time), get in touch:


By phone: 07533428642  

Email: studio (at)


We’ll be shooting for only 6 hours so spaces are limited. To ensure you don’t get left out, please call/email us to book your spot in advance as we can accommodate a maximum of 8 dogs for the day. Our studio is located in Hassop Road, NW2 6RX and parking in the area is free on Sundays.


Hope to hear from you soon!:)